Garbage & Recycling Info


Recycling And Garbage Info Recycling

The Town of Decatur provides a Recycling Drop-off site at the Town Garage located at 1800 14th Street, Brodhead.  There are three dumpsters located at the northeast corner of the building where you can deposit your recyclables.  These are available for your use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Recyclable do not need to be sorted, but make sure bottles, cans, etc are clean and recyclable.  No Garbage is accepted at this site. Recyclables  can also be taken directly to the Green County Landfill located at W2002 County SS, Brodhead at no cost.

Recycling Of Electronics

Electronics may be taken to the Green County Landfill for Recycling.  These items can no longer be put into the garbage.  These items include, but are not limited to: Televisions, Computers (desktop, laptop, netbooks and tablet computers), Desktop printers (including those that Fax, scan and/or copy), Computer monitors, Fax machines, computer mice and keyboards, and all other computer accessories (hard drives, speakers, flash drives, and modems). The cost for recycling of these items by residents is $.30/lb for all electronics.


The Town of Decatur does not provide any sort of curbside garage pick-up.  If you wish curbside pick-up you will need to contact a private hauler and contract with them.

You may take your garbage directly to the Green County Landfill located at W2002 County SS, Brodhead for disposal.  You will be charged a tipping fee whenever you go in with garbage. The tipping fee is based on your weight, however there is a minimum charge of $10.00

You may contact the Town Chairperson, any Town Board member or the Town Clerk with any questions.